Consultant Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, MB,BCH

psychological Counseling and coaching

Dr. Hadi Eltonsi life transforming patent and internationally published Immediate healing for personality development at a distance is to anywhere on earth with immediate permanent comprehensive result from a single session of almost 3 hours to agree thru video call with the recipient on the actual personality analysis and goals of personality development on the level of conscious mind then same following night during sleep he imprints the agreed on personality and goals onto the unconscious mind thru telepathy , energy transfers using also reiki and hypnosis techniques while impersonating the required personality. A few minutes call prior to the session is required to ensure suitability and clarify advantages. A follow up is done by call twice on the start and end of the following day to ensure immediate, permanent and comprehensive results.This healing allows recipient to arrive to the highest level of happiness, inner peace, maturity and efficiency to have a leadership mindset, as a trouble shooter able to motivate a work team as a role model with creativity and dedication , to be able to have win-win relations at family, social and professional relations, but also include neurotic diseases as depression, anxiety, phobia, traumas and obsession, psychosomatic disorders and negative habits as insomnia, obesity and smoking addiction to effortlessly achieve results. However it doesn’t deal with psychotic diseases, drug and alcohol addiction except if previous addicts are passing social and psychological rehabilitation . It also doesn’t deal with children under 12 of age nor pediatric diseases.Success results of the method is over 96% of willing cases.

400 Euro Conversation Price
  • Current job Expert and consultant in immediate personality development from a distance
  • Speciality psychological Counseling and coaching
  • Experience 30 Years
  • Language العربية, English, Spanish,
  • Country Hungary